For that “Unique” holiday gift for your kids!

Priscilla Eslo

I recently found an online store that has exactly what I’ve been looking for in a long time: unique canvas shoes! I was getting tired of looking for an specific pattern that I had in mind, until I stumbled upon the Monogenius website. Monogenius is an innovative brand that allows you to shop your own designs. Nobody will have your same exact shoes because you will have control over your unique design!


Shopping at Monogenius is very simple and I would love to share with you how I created my new kicks! Once you have created your design (or selected it from another source), you can go to the website and follow three simple steps to finally have your shoes ready!


First you need to pick from three different canvas styles. I think this was the hardest part for me because all of the styles were great, so I finally chose…

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