Versus Blurb

I was never that comfortable with Goodread’s recommended way of using their star-rating system. If you need a refresher:


Basically, all that says to me is:


I found it confusing, and the many readers on Goodreads all seemed to have a slightly different way of doing things. But since I had to attach a star rating, I had a go, and kept having a go until I worked out my own method. It ended up being based on whether the book made me want to read anything else by the author.

This is the fruit of my labour:


One Star:

Many people give this to DNF books, or, more accurately, books they COULD not finish. This makes sense to me, but at the same time I personally don’t like to leave a review for a book I did not finish (I just don’t think it’s fair, since I haven’t…

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