23635267Books often reveal the personality of their authors. How can they not? The author pulls the characters and worlds straight from their brains and their hearts. If the author is basically a nice person it shines through their work. If not, well, I can usually tell.

Marigold Deidre Dicer (Sarah to her friends) is a truly wonderful person. She is kind, considerate, dedicated, all the things you want in a friend. And I have been happy to get to know her over the past several months, first as a compatriot in the ‘blogosphere’ and later as her editor for The Black Swan Inheritance. Now, if I could just travel to Australia to give her a hug, how great would that be?

The Black Swan Inheritance is an urban fantasy, true. But it is more than that. It is a story that incorporates the fantasy world, but wraps it around a core of what it is like to be not only a young, popular-for-all-the-wrong-reasons girl, but different from all your peers – no matter if that ‘difference’ is based upon natural or supernatural reasons. Now, if she can just save herself from werewolves, vampires . . . and her own insecurities. What is a freshman college student to do?

This is a multilayered tale of deception and danger, hatred and love, and the lengths one will go to save family. Anita is flawed, without a doubt, but her very flaws encourage a deep compassion for her and what she is going through, the changes in her life and the danger to her family.

Character development, in this case, is one of the strongest aspects of the book. Anita herself is a multi-layered character of both strength and weakness, while the other characters are more ‘real’ than many others in the genre. Strengths are often overwhelmed by weaknesses, emotional and psychological damage abounds, and personal growth is a stop-and-start process that leads to a deep emotional connection with not only the ‘good’ characters but even with the ‘bad’. She makes terrible decisions, but all the decisions, good and bad, are real in the context of the story. Children must learn, grow and learn, and that growth is often painful, not only for the child herself, but for those around her. But that very pain strengthens. And Anita has the potential to be one of the strongest new urban fantasy characters in the genre.

I am the editor for The Black Swan Inheritance. My review, however, is based only upon my feelings, not upon my friendship with Sarah. (OK, so I pay really close attention to my client’s books, what do you expect? 😉 It is still a great book!) If you enjoy my reviews, please “Like” them on Amazon.com and/or Audible.com. Thanks you!