Tinker: Elfhome, Book 1 | [Wen Spencer]I just noticed that Wen Spencer’s Elfhome series is out on Audible.com. I reviewed Tinker on July 9, 2013 (you can read the review by clicking on the cover illustration.)

The series (well, the part that I read, Tinker and Wolf Who Rules) were quite enjoyable – a lighthearted look at Philadelphia after it has been pulled into another reality.

Besides the pleasure of knowing the series Wolf Who Rules: Elfhome, Book 2 | [Wen Spencer]is out on Audio, I also note that there are two additional books in the series that I haven’t read. Hot dang!

I have the series in my Wish List for when I get time to enjoy them – after the first of the Elfhome: Elfhome, Book 3 | [Wen Spencer]year for certain . . . well, maybe nearer the middle of the year with everything going on in my life. I really AM going to go all “Cleaning Commando” on my house in the new year!Wood Sprites: Elfhome, Book 4 | [Wen Spencer]