I have had so many days like this, and Sue writes so well I just had to share. If you haven’t checked out Sue’s site yet, why not? 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

ani 001

My Christmas day had come and gone
As good as you could get;
I woke to silent darkness,
But I wasn’t moving yet!
I’d wait till the alarm went off
And get a duvet fix,
I wasn’t starting Boxing Day
Till after half past six.

The world was frozen, stark and clear
All inky black and white;
It could be worse, the forecasters
Had warned of snow last night.
The small dog chased her steaming breath
Beneath the frosty trees,
I huddled in the icy wind
That whistled round my knees.

Back home the heating had gone off
Without the least excuse,
The dog decided she’d be sick…
It might have been a ruse;
She doesn’t like the back door shut
Needs access hail or shine,
And throwing up would put the door
In her control, not mine.

She’s sitting on the doorstep
With her head outside the door.

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