Now it is a well-known fact that every year The Recycled Lamb has a hat contest… well…this year is NO different! Announcing the 9th ANNUAL March Mad Hatter’s Hat Contest!! Great Prizes!! Great Publicity!! (what, you say?? yes, the winners get gift certificates to the shop and get their names and winning hat photos posted on our Facebook Page!)

Here is the scoop:

Deadline for entries is Sunday, March 1. We will sign you up at the time you buy your yarn or fiber any time between now and then, and assign your number for each entry (you may enter as many times as you like!) Did we mention these hats can be felted, knitted, crocheted, or woven??? Voting will take place from March 1 to March 20th, please vote only one time (we’re on the honor system here!) for each category.

Okay, here are the OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES:

1. You MUST purchase your yarn or fiber at The Recycled Lamb. Recently. Like between now and when you create the hat. Or maybe last month…Sure, you can pick and choose from your stash, but as you might surmise, we’d like to sell some yarn during this contest!

(AND YES! The Recycled Lamb takes phone and internet orders!)

 2. Entries must be delivered to the shop by close of business on Sunday, March 1.  Judging will be from March 1st through Thursday, March 20th. Winners will be announced and awards awarded during the March Knit Knite on Friday, March 20th.

3. All Entries will be anonymous. 

4. Anyone can enter. Anyone can vote. But, keep it to one vote per person,per category, ok?

5. All hats will be returned to their creator, unless you’d like us to donate them to our favorite charity.

So, here are the categories (and be sure, when you bring in your entry, to indicate which category it belongs to):

1. Felted Hats
2. Woven Hats
3. Crocheted Hats
4. Knitted Hats
5. Other (oh, this leaves SO MANY possibilities open!)