Blech. Bitter cold, snow, slick roads (I don’t get on em, but you should hear my housemate rant . . . “Hey, Jackass! Just because you have 4-wheel-drive doesn’t mean that you won’t slide over the side – that shit don’t work on ICE!) That sort of thing. As for me, I rarely leave the house, but of course, the last time I did I managed to pick up he latest bronchial bug that is going around. Hack, hack, wheeezze! Again. Blech. It isn’t even pretty any more, as the sun came out for a couple of days and the foot or so of snow melted off into blotches here and there, leaving nothing but mud (now frozen mud, but still) in it’s place. There was some light snow tonight, so if I squint just right it looks like we have the pretty stuff again.

Why did I go out in the first place, you ask? Well, HiJinx and I went over to the shelter to check out a white Boxer. She and I both thought maybe another white Boxer would be a good addition – someone for her to play and cuddle with. She was so adorable – solid white, still had her long, natural tail, and only about 40 lbs. So, we got there, I met her, she was sweet and adorable . . . and then she met HiJinx. Oy. What a beeyotch! She turned into this vicious attack dog. Well, the heck with THAT! So much for YOU sharing couch space at my house!! Pft. Ya don’t know what you could of had there, Cujo. Premium food, handmade cookies, tons of cuddles and toys, and the wonderful, sweet and adorable HiJinx to play with! Too bad, so sad sucker . . .

Of course, as we are leaving, who do we see but Coda . . . apparently he is the third dog some woman has brought to the shelter when she got bored with them. Is that not the Cutest face! He is 400-lbs of personality in a 10-lb body, and HiJinx is having a ball with him. Of course, she used to play with 4-lb Peanut, so little is no problem for her. So, two little dogs instead of one big Boxer, but lap dogs are OK to. Coda is apparently a Shih Tzu. I looked them up, and found this description:

James Mumsford, an American teacher and composer, perhaps described the Shih Tzu best: “Nobody knows how the ancient eunuchs managed to mix together: a dash of lion, several teaspoons of rabbit, a couple of ounces of domestic cat, one part court jester, a dash of ballerina, a pinch of old man, a bit of beggar, a tablespoon of monkey, one part baby seal, a dash of teddy bear, and, for the rest, dogs of Tibetan and Chinese origin.”

Yep, that seems to be Coda right down to his DNA. He is sleeping on the back of my chair right now, all curled up.

Of course, for those of you who remember, I rescued Scooter from the needle a few weeks back. It as been a rough road to hoe with him. He apparently suffers from Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome, a type of social aggression behaviour that is, literally, sweet-and-adorable one minute, rip your face off the next. And let me tell you – he does go for the face. It normally can’t be fixed (most require euthanasia, they are just too dangerous to allow to live). Can you believe something that adorable looking could be a teeth-wielding psychopath? Things weren’t looking all that great for a while, but apparently, with Coda here, someone his own size, he is starting to mellow out. I am not saying he is perfect, but my bites are healing up . . . and he adores the ground Linda walks on. Apparently, a J&H dog will bond rabidly with one person, and consider any other in the household a threat. He still has the occasional ‘ugly face’ (i.e. – here are my teeth, come over here and let me show you how sharp they are!) moments, but he pretty much has me trained – don’t come into his space and he won’t rip my leg off. He has actually been coming up and sitting in my lap, and occasionally sleeping on the bed with me (when Linda is at work) so hopefully we are making progress?

jinxballinmouthJinx is doing great with the whole thing. She still gets the boatload of the attention – and still would rather curl on the couch with G’Kar the cat rather than either pup . . . but that’s OK too as she plays with the new additions until everyone collapses!

As for book reviews? Nope. Haven’t done any. Between feeling like something scraped off the bottom of a troll’s foot and a couple of projects I am behind on, everything else has ground to a sad, wheezing stop. Hopefully, by February it will be better.