What a GREAT idea!! So, all of you writers – this is an inexpensive way to help out the troops and do a wonderful deed!

The Write Stuff

Books for troopsMy husband spent a few years in the military right after high school, and he tells me that books were a very important part of his life at that time. Civilians take for granted the nearly limitless entertainment available on our smart phones, computers, and ereaders, but many American soldiers are stationed in parts of the world where they have very little access to even something as simple as reading matter. A good book can make all the difference.

Enter Authors Supporting Our Troops, a project spearheaded by Armand Rosamilia. Armand collects signed books from authors and publishers, packages them up in big boxes, and mails the texts out to soldiers in remote locations, who then spread the books around to their friends. All you have to do to be involved is to email armandrosamilia@gmail.com and ask for his mailing address, sign your books, and ship them out. (Be sure to…

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