21881163The second round of the Federal Paranormal Unit series by Milly Taiden continues the ongoing adventures of the Unit as a new Unit member is introduced. Well, not exactly a member – Cynthia Vega is the new boss. A fact that Brock, the old boss, really, really doesn’t care for. Not just because he has been shoved to the side, for reasons he doesn’t understand, but because Vega is the love of his life – the love of his life who walked out on him ten-years-ago without a word. What happened then, and what happens now will blend and meld, pulling the past forward into the present as the disappearance of Vega’s young cousin leads Brock and Vega to a hidden evil which will change both Vega’s and Brock’s lives forever.

This is most definitely a hot paranormal romance, so if you are squeamish about that sort of thing, well, I wouldn’t recommend it. But hey – if ya love you some sexy, and an interesting heroine and hero, this isn’t brain science, but it is lots of fun. Enjoy!