Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on. – Henry Rollins

True strength is delicate. -Louise Berliawsky Nevelson

17668267Erica Villa is strong. Oh, she may not be Superwoman, flying to the rescue. But she is one strong woman – strong enough to do what it takes to save the lives of others, no matter the personal pain.

As a member of the Federal Paranormal Unit, policing the actions of the paranormals of the world, Erica has a very special ability. She sees the last moments of a victims life – feels their pain, their horror, their grief. She knows how she will suffer every time – and she still does her job. But when the latest string of murders occur, Villa is pushed farther than she has ever been before – this time her mind may not survive.

When I finished Wolf Protector, I moved straight to the next book in the series, Dangerous Protector. I don’t often do that – go straight from one R4R to the next book in the series immediately – but this one grabbed my attention enough to do so. It is a PR, with a heavy dose of ‘hot and heavy’, but the story is good, the female lead strong and capable, and the alpha heroes not so over-the-top alpha that I wanted to cut off their dangly bits. So, it’s all good, right? 😉

Recommended for PR lovers who crave their ‘hot and sweaty’ with a good story line.