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January 2015

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Get “Beneath The Veil” by William McNally Free

17838087I reviewed this book back on July 21, 2013 and found it truly unusual. Now, it is on for free. 

Here is my review. Read, then check out the link to pick the book up for free.

Don’t cry, I’m sorry to have deceived you so much, but that’s how life is.
― Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

I never realized before there were so many ways to die. So many ways to kill people. Why are there so many deadly weapons?”

Clapp rubbed his lip and looked down at her. “Listen, Miss Gilbert. I’ve come to figure that man is the only deadly weapon. Take a gun. It’s an absolutely harmless thing—even makes a good honest paperweight—until some man gets his hands around it. You can strip a gun down to its basic parts and it’s lost its power. You can reduce a man to his chemical elements, but you’ve always got the spirit of whatever you call it left. And that spirit will find some damned way to do evil.

― Wade Miller, Deadly weapon

There are secrets. Secrets hidden between the darkness of the world and the darkness of the human soul. Secrets wander amongst the lost, where only the dead are truly free. Secrets live within the darkness, sucking away the human soul, leaving a shell of nothing but horror.

Barry Ryan is learning about secrets. His personal secret, that he is dying of an inherited disease. The bigger secret, hidden under layers of history, that there is something strange, very strange, about his family and where he came from. An adopted child, Barry has done well in his life. A famous sculptor, Barry has friends, a career, and an adoptive family that loves him. But with only a familial match capable of giving him the marrow transplant he needs to survive, Barry must return to his roots, return to the shadows of the past – the shadows and secrets of a place called Auraria.

With his sister, and her boyfriend, Barry begins his trip to Auraria. And thus begins a trip to Hell. But a Hell of whose creation? Layers of lies and superstition and death fill the pages of “Beneath the Veil.” I was immediately drawn into the story, as reality becomes merely a memory. As truth and physics and geography twist and turn upon themselves, into a horror no longer dreamed, but lived.

The story itself was well written and convincingly frightening. The characters themselves are believable, though they could have been a bit better ‘fleshed out’ in my opinion, though some would say that doing so would cause the story to drag a bit. To each their own. The author doesn’t lead you by the hand through the book, you must come to some of your own conclusions, and this is not a book tied up in a tidy little bow at the end. It is, however, extremely creative, and, for a horror novel, ended in a deeply thoughtful manner. Overall, I found there were some small missteps, but I am quite comfortable with my rating. If you are a lover of horror, mystery, or thrilling ghost stories, this is most certainly going to interest you.



Beneath the Veil: A Novel
William McNally
4.3 Stars (45 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

The Residents of this Town Eat Zombies for Breakfast. Grab your copy and visit a town where the dead have never left.

Successful sculptor Barry Ryan is in search of a blood relative for his bone marrow transplant; being adopted, he must travel to the town of Auraria where a genealogist has traced his ancestry. His adoptive sister Jen and her boyfriend Jackson join Barry on the trip, but what they find is a town abandoned. Except for the dead who never really left.

By day, the creatures that inhabit this town are but ghostly remnants of their former selves. At night, however, they transform into a physical and lethal form.

There’s no escaping Auraria with all roads leading back to where they started, and Barry, Jen, and Jackson know that joining a band of survivors is their only hope. Struggling against his own dark urges, Barry flees to an old, abandoned plantation.

It is at this plantation, Barry’s familial home, that he discovers his own tragic heritage. That his family is under the control of an evil entity called Evangeline due to a series of events initiated over a hundred years earlier by Ezra Rhodes, Barry’s distant relative.

Mixing science fiction with horror, and the real with the supernatural, William McNally brings to life a world where the past maintains a firm grip on the present, and man’s own fatal desires are brought disturbingly to light. Readers of Stephen King and Dean Koontz will delight in this chillingly oppressive tale.

Click here to get this book for FREE

Two Libby Austin Books – On Sale Now!!!


The Willies

The internet is amazing. You can find people you love and hate, respect and admire or want to throttle…..
I just found Jo Robinson, and the respect and admire thing? Yep. She has my attention – and I now have her book, “Echoes of Narcissus in the Gardens of Delight”. Watch for my review!

Jo Robinson

Firstly I have to say that I’m not in any way religious. Not in the normal way at any rate. I do believe in a greater power, and I also believe that each of us has a purpose – something or things that we have to learn, do, or share along the way. So. I research a lot of old myths and legends for my Shadow People books, as well as ancient building sites and so on. I’ve been doing a lot of digging around about free will, death, the afterlife, reincarnation, angels and demons again too, and now I’ve given myself the proper willies. When I was writing Echoes of Narcissus I kept on thinking that some malignant narcissists are actually demonic entities inside. Having known my own, and seeing a couple of videos online they very often look and sound the part. Even if they’re physically gorgeous, it’s…

View original post 625 more words

Author Don’ts

Charlotte Cypress has some really great information on her site. You should sign up for her blog, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Writing Madness

As with anything, being a new author means making a few mistakes. With the help of the people in the NaNoWriMo group on Facebook, I’ve compiled a list of things new authors shouldn’t do.

  1. Publish a book too soon. Just because you want to get something out there doesn’t mean you should rush. If self-publishing, take the time to make sure that your story is ready. If putting out a sequel, make sure that it’s really at it’s best, and that you’re not just pushing it out there to appease fans.
  2. Never talk religion or politics on social media unless it directly relates to what you write. There is a fine line between supporting gay rights and posting incendiary comments and arguing with people. You don’t want to turn people off from your story just from some stupid comment on Twitter who they disagreed with.
  3. Another one on that…

View original post 372 more words

Author Dos

Some good, solid advice!!!

Writing Madness

To accompany my previous post, Author Don’ts, I’ve compiled a list of things you, as a new author, should do.

  1. Be nice to everyone you come in contact with. I’m not talking about every John Doe you bump into on the street, but anyone you contact through your blog/Twitter/review requests, whatever. Always make an effort to sound polite and well-meaning, even if someone is being a twit.
  2. Unplug for a while. Always set aside time to just sit down and do what it is you need to do, whether it’s editing, rewriting, writing, outlining… whatever. Procrastination is your enemy, and Facebook and Twitter are leading the attack.
  3. Write something new. I’m not talking a new manuscript, but a new idea. Relying on cliches and old tropes might get you sales, but you can’t be afraid to be an innovative author!
  4. Keep organized! This applies to everything, from editing notes to…

View original post 496 more words

Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Viper Game (Game/Ghostwalker) by Christine Feehan

Ooooh…. yummy!  And what a luscious cover!

Reading in Pajamas

Viper Game (Game/Ghostwalker) by Christine Feehan
Publication Date: January 27, 2015
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna
Rated: 4.5 Stars


Hailed as “the queen of paranormal romance” by J.R. Ward, #1 New York Times bestselling author “Christine Feehan continues to amaze readers” (The Eternal Night) with her phenomenal novels. Now, from the author of the Dark Carpathian series, comes the newest in Christine Feehan’s explosive GhostWalker series…

GhostWalker Wyatt Fontenot knows the price he paid for the secret military experiments that gave him his special catlike abilities. After all, he left his bayou home a healer and came back a killer. While Wyatt and his GhostWalker brother Gator may have known exactly the sort of game they were getting into, Wyatt never anticipated where it would lead—or to whom.

The swamps hold many mysteries, but few are as sinuously seductive as Le Poivre de Cayenne. The woman the locals call…

View original post 1,354 more words

Ridgeville Shifters: Celia Kyle’s Awesomesauce Series

So, many of you know about the Eve Langlais Furry United Coalition (FUC) series and what a hoot it is. But lets talk about another series that makes me cackle like a loon as I gain more than a few smiles and belly laughs from the pleasure we get from them.

13638353Celia Kyle’s Ridgeville Shifters is awesomesauce!!!! The first, He Ain’t Lion, introduces us to the Ridgeville Lion shifters on the night of the Gaian Moon, the sexy times when all shifters work to increase the numbers of their prides and packs. And havoc prevails when a human, Maya Josephs, wanders in to the pride owned bar in hopes of a wild night in order to get over a nasty break-up. But she gets more than she bargains for when she catches the eye of the Prime, Alex O’Connell. Perfect, sexy-as-hell Alex is the perfect one-night-stand material – oops. And what begins is a series that is an absolute hoot. Maya is a trip – mouthy, coarse, and bossy, Maya is an incredibly fun character, filled with “Mayaisms” which will jerk a chuckle from even the dourest of readers.

“Sometimes life gives you the unexpected. Then you say ‘fuck you life’ and kick it in the balls. Because—hello?—life is obviously male.”

Book 1.5, You’re Lion, is a 44-page short best described by this paragraph15740383 from the Goodreads description:

“With new pregnancy hormones making her inner kitty extra bitchy, Maya’s not sure who she’s going to murder first: her gyno for discovering the pregnancy, her guards for following her every move (and annoying the living shit out of her), or the striped beyotch cooing over Alex. Screw it. She’ll start with the tigress and work her way around to the other two.”

GET that tiger beyotch, Maya!

“To err is human, to love is divine. But fucking with a chick that grows fur and claws is a mistake. Show ‘em how big that mistake can be.”

15830665Next Ball of Furry introduces us to (are you ready for it? Can we all say. . . ) were rabbit!!! Yep, our favorite sort of “‘ya gotta be kidding’ you really mean were rabbit?? character. Carly isn’t a sabretooth bunny like Miranda, but what the hey? She is still one kick-ass, silly natured fluffy tailed bundle of attitude. What she doesn’t need is a man whore for a mate, but given the Gaian Moon, a wild night shared with Neil, said man whore, Carly hops away to hide from her feelings for Mr. ‘Spread the Lovin’’. Carly is a wonderful, strong character with a heart of gold and one off my favorite characters throughout the series. And this is the volume where the darkness begins to gather over the pride . . . a story line which will flow through all the books of the series and lend a depth not available in some of the other series which contain a great deal of humour. The balance makes this series a favorite of mine.

“If he’s your guy, he’s your guy. Just make sure you tattoo your name on his furry ass so everyone else knows who he belongs to. You could pee on him and mark your territory, but a tattoo is permanent.”

Book three, and Maddy and Ricker get their turn. And what a turn it is! Head Over Tail equates, in my life, with16075025 ‘laugh your ass off’ crossed with ‘Scaryville’ as we get more deeply involved in the story of Alistair and the ‘Freedom’ group – a group that bases its idea of ‘freedom’ on the idea of kidnapping, torture and murder – especially when they can commit said atrocities, as well as rape, against women.

When Ricker Croft, the council tracker and big scary bad-ass is sent to rescue Maddy Lane, a Sensitive, from Freedom, he gets the shock of his life – for Maddy isn’t the submissive, timid sensitive he expects. Instead of kowtowing to his orders, he is knocked on his ass when she instead shocks him stupid when she attacks and rips the balls off of a hyena rapist attacking another sensitive, Elise, a fox shifter, during Ricker’s “save the woman who turns out to be your mate” attempt. What do you expect when Maya has been giving her lessons?

Everyone dies at some point. I just help things along every once and again.”

16173710Fierce In Fur tells the story of my favorite male character, Brute. I love the huge, strong, quiet, deadly types. And Brute certainly fits the bill. He spends his time protecting the Prima (mostly from herself), protecting the pride (mostly from the Prima) and generally keeping his family from murdering each other (often). And when he meets his mate, he is thrilled. Until he realizes that his mate is Elise, the brutalized sensitive rescued with Maddy from a brutal two years of captivity. Broken and bruised from her horrific treatment at the hands of barbarians, Brute has his hands full not only gaining Elise’s love and trust, but protecting her from the past which is determined to overwhelm her once more. Still my favorite couple!

“It sounded like a good idea at that time. And I figured I could apologize later. Apparently that only works in theory. – Brute Mauer, Prima guard, now wondering if there is a mate handbook.”


Deuce has never been my favorite character in the Ridgeville series. Just one of those things – I really can’t say why, other than he just grated on my nerves. But Deuce’s Wild changes all of that, and actually makes me somewhat ashamed of my bad attitude about his randy attitude. But hey, everyone else in Ridgeville apparently feels the same, because when Deuce gives it his all to save Elly, a curvy squirrel, from Alistair’s brutality, a misunderstanding assures that Elly is ripped away from Deuce, and even her pleadings and assurances will not convince Alex or the other men in the pride that he is innocent. The best part of the story, though? Elly KICKS ASS – and changes everything with a few well-placed gunshots. You go little squirrely girl!!!

“Some shifters don’t understand that “no means no”. If that’s the case, teach them that a nine millimeter Glock means no.”

18367553In Sealed With A Purr, Alistair McCain is dead, and his captives in his different facilities are being rescued and moved to safe quarters for healing and recovery. It won’t be easy – these women are in horrific shape, tortured in ways that are unbearable for even the strongest men to stomach. So, it will take a very special male to protect the brutalized women in a Georgia compound. What he finds there are women damaged almost beyond redemption – one of them being Alistair’s own daughter, Tess. Brutalized herself, she is still hated by the other women, one of whom would do just about anything to see her dead for who her father was, no matter that she suffered at his hands as well. Tess lives in a cell, isolated from the other women, suffering in silence and deep loneliness. Harding has his own painful history, and the chemistry and shared pain between the two is touching.

”Love your enemies. It pisses them off. Then again, I prefer stabbing them with whatever’s handy. But you know, potato, potahto.”

18370001Like A Fox is a short story, a literal ‘quickie’ which finds Gavin, Elise’s brother, finding his mate in Gina, a lioness who has suffered her own pain. Jenner, her ex-boyfriend, was a trusted member of the pride – until his true colours showed as a vicious member of Freedom. Humiliated by his betrayal, Gina has been taking ‘backbone’ lessons from Maya and is now a part of the close knit group of “crazy ass women” in the Ridgeville pride. Only 27 pages, this could have easily been book 6.5, but still, it gives a HEA to Gina, who certainly deserves it after what she has been though.

“Backbones are like assholes. Everyone’s got one. You just have to find yours. The backbone, not the asshole. I’m assuming you know where your asshole is. If not, we have bigger problems.”

20930113I love Big Furry Deal. Poor Millie. One of the women imprisoned and brutalized by Freedom, she never even knew her real name, having been captured at the age of two and used, brutally, by Alistair’s men. Now, with help from the women of the pride and two rescued shifters, she has a new home in Ridgeville, and the rather overbearing support of Maya, who is determined to salvage her new bestie. She’s even discovered a mate. But . . . for Millie, having a mate is a horrible, no good, he’ll end up very dead, bad idea. She’s got what some refer to as a “control problem.” In other words: she has no control and that’s her problem. For her little control problem really, really hates men – as in ‘piss me off and I can make your head explode, literally’ sort of hatred. No one in the pride trusts her (well, except for Maya and the girls. And really, who cares what the alpha thinks when Maya is really the one in charge?) The threat from Freedom is still alive and kicking, even if Alistair is dead. And the danger may cost Millie her life – unless her mate and the pride can track down the danger. Of course, when the danger appears again, it’s the awesomesauce women of the pride who truly bring it on!

“Alex is the pride’s Prime so of course he’s the boss. I gave him permission to say that and everything.”

The final in the series is Lion’s Honor. Well, Maya: Wisdom From The Queen is book ten, but it is a collection of 22304876‘Mayaisms” so it doesn’t really count as ‘story’. But it is, of course, a laugh riot so that is what counts! I haven’t read Lion’s Honor yet – I am hoarding it!! I will read it when I really need a happiness boost and I know I won’t be disappointed!!!

“Once upon a time, I tried to be normal. It was around the same time I thought I was wrong. Thank God they were dreams. I though the apocalypse finally showed up.”

Maya Is Always Right So Shaddup – Maya: Wisdom from the Queen

” I don’t always have to be right, I just need to make sure you realize you’re always wrong. Are we on the same page here? No? Lemme get you a bookmark.” –– Maya O’Connell, Prima of the Ridgeville Pride

23152453Finally! Maya’s words of wisdom are all collected in one place! If you are an avid follower of The Ridgeville Series by Celia Kyle, you will recognize Maya, the loud, obnoxious, overbearing and totally, completely loveable Prima of the Ridgeville Pride. That woman has an AWESOME mouth on her – and she isn’t a bit scared to use it!

After ten stories, the series is done (boo hoo!!! Wahhh!!!) but this final is a compilation of the various words of wisdom from the Queen of Sass which is sure to make you laugh till you pee your undies…. Grab your copy and enjoy!

Oh, and one thing . . . we all know that Maya is, well, fluffy and the Queen of Booblandia – so why is the woman on the cover skinny as a rail? Humm? Pft.

Oh, and, Wisdom From The King?

Maya is always, and forever will be, right. — Alex O’Connell, lover of Maya, father to her cubs, and the luckiest male ever born. At least, that’s what Maya always tells him.



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