24279157A while back I saw an ad for Romance to the Rescue, a collection of ten stories by famous romance writers that was published to benefit Tails of Joy Animal Rescue.


The first book in the anthology is Fool for Love by Marie Force. This is the second in the series, but you can easily read it and not feel lost in the narrative.

Janey McCarthy has  been with David Lawrence since they were in high school. Thirteen years. Of course, he has been in Boston, in medical school, for the last six years, while she did as he bade and stayed on Gansett Island as a vet tech instead of going to veterinary school in Ohio, which she really wanted, and was more than qualified for. But surely it would all be worth it when he came home and Janey got her white picket fence and four children? And surely his wanting to save them from having two sets of medical school bills is really for the best. Right?

Only, when Janey shows up in Boston as a surprise and finds a nasty little surprise of her own – namely David flat on his back in the bed they bought together – with a buxom blond riding cowgirl – all that love and devotion is suddenly gone. Maybe it isn’t just the whole ‘watching as your fiance bangs a whore’ thing, but all the phone calls he never returned, the times he blew off visits, and all the other glaring road markers leading to “wake the hell up and smell that coffee” that built up. Whatever the case, Janey is done, and it is time to get on with her life. And time for her to consider what, or make that who, was under her nose all the time. A HEA is upcoming, and more than Janey could have ever expected. It made me smile to watch her stand up, straighten her spine, and go for everything she ever wanted – as well as everything she never expected to have.

I doubt I will read the historical stories, just not my thing, but my purchase will hopefully help the cause and five books for $2.99? Yep. It’s all good!

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