I love the big, strong, gentle, silent types – and Colin is exactly that – with the bonus of being an artist. How beautiful is that? And Colin is truly beautiful – on the inside, where it counts. Of course, on the outside it is a different matter, as the war with the Long Claw Clan (you really should read the whole series!!!) has left him scarred all over his body – and on his face – scarring that he fears will frighten and disgust the woman he has pined for over the last three years – Hadley Bennett, the very human local flower shop owner.

Colin is one of my favorite alphas ever. His kindness and compassion shine through in everything he does, and the whole Valentines theme is beautifully done. Another Winner from T. S. Joyce. This is a shorty, only 74-pages, but Joyce is a master of fleshing out a story in less than 100 pages. Enjoy!

  • The Witness and the Bear
  • Devoted to the Bear
  • Return to the Bear
  • Betray the Bear
  • Redeem the Bear