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Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I admit it. I use them interchangeably, and I am sorry. Cajun. Creole. Aren’t they the same thing? Apparently not.

In an article on the Huffington Post back in 2012, Jay Ducote walks us through the differences that seem subtle to an outsider, but may seem large to a true Louisianan. Here are some of the keys to understanding the differences:

  • Geneology – Cajuns are descendants from French settlers in the Acadia region in northeast Canada. They often were from the “lower classes” and became outdoorsmen, such as fur trappers. The Creole are descendants front he French and Spanish merchant and upper classes that settled in Louisiana.
  • Location – Creole = city. Cajun = country. Creole is the French Quarter. Cajun is deep in the bayou.
  • Ingredients – Cajun uses anything, and everything that could be found wild. All parts of animals are used and only local vegetables. Creole cooking…

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