Hi Leiah,

Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m so very sorry to hear about your experience with Beneful. Yes, we are very aware of the horrific news; it just makes us feel more empowered that we are doing the right thing.
You can be assured that we never, ever, never ever source ANYTHING from China. (I wouldn’t work here if we did)! All of our ingredients are sourced from all over the great US of A. This is directly from our FAQs on our website:
Are your meats Free Range/Cage Free/Wild Caught?
We use the highest quality sources of meats for our products whenever possible. Our Chicken and Beef in our Power Pucks are cage free and free range, along with our meats in our Nothin’ But All Meat Treats and Nice Jerky Treats. We use only Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon in our Mmmm Salmon Sauce Fish Oil. Our Free Ranger Stix all come from free range, grass fed cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics.
Our Free Ranger Stix are sourced from Brazil, but as you probably read on our website, they are from cattle that is grass fed and raised without the use on antibiotics or added hormones. And our Flea & Tick products are made in France; a wonderful way to keep any toxic chemicals away from your furry family members. Even though regulations may not be as strict for pets as they are for humans, we go the extra mile and create a premium product that you can feel safe feeding your pets. I feed it to my own furry kids!
Actually, I feed a combination of our Nude Food (kibble) and top it off with our In The Raw and Canned to keep it interesting for my babies. I add some of our Natural Remedies, as well. It makes me feel so good that I am feeding them so well (sometimes better than me). 🙂
I’m going to pop a few samples in the mail to you. You can find most of our products at your King Soopers & Whole Foods, and we are also available online at: Petco.com and Amazon.com
I’m so glad you wrote, and I wish you all the best keeping your Boxer, HiJinx (love her name) in the best of health. Oh, you may want to consider adding some Salmon Sauce to her meals – an essential way to get her essential Omegas.
All the best!!! Woof,

Betsy V
 • Consumer Affairs Guru “I and love and you”