I just can’t read tonight. Everything goes wonky, sometimes, and I can’t focus. Pft. So, a one of my handmade quilts and my favorite chair, a pot of hot Darjeeling tea, low lights, and stupid movies.

Sometimes, I just have to watch “weird” stuff. First, I watched Asteroid vs Earth. Yes, it’s embarrassing…. but in a way? Not so much. An African American gay soldier and his estranged white lover, an oriental young kid facing off against an old military guy (Robert Davi), Tia Carrere as a geoscientist who saves the world, and Tim Russ as a submarine  commander (He has come so far down from Star Trek that he actually gets killed part way through the movie). Believe me, this is no stunning SciFi tour de force. But it was far from being one of the worst of the true stinkers I have watched!

Now? (Drumroll please) Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies! HA!! Well, the guy really does look like the photos of Lincoln I have seen, I will give him that. This is SO Bad!!!! ROFL

Oh, and making Ulysses Grant out to be an absolute idiot? Pissed me off . . . but then, the Pat Garrett speech was hysterical, so there ya go!

But it is so bad, it is like watching a train wreck . . . you just can’t turn away. 🙂

I guess I should watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, huh?

Hum… I wonder if they are going to make Pride and Prejudice and Zombies into a bad D movie?? (Grin)