DesertWolf Premium Cotton Canvas Cross Body Laptop Messenger Bag - Men Business Vintage Handbag / Briefcase - Fit 14 Inch LaptopQuality is my watchword, as anyone who has read my product reviews knows. It doesn’t matter how something looks if it is going to fall apart the first time you use it. This bag meets and exceeds my expectations by a long shot!

First, let’s get the sexy stuff out of the way. This satchel is indeed sexy. I can absolutely see The Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones using this bag. It has that whole “Egyptian Archeologist” feel to it, all leather and canvas. It has a “been there, seen that” feel.

Now, let’s talk about quality. The leather is really that – leather – unlike a lot of the more ‘plasticized’ materials that are so common. The canvas is high quality as well, heavy enough to be really study while not so heavy as to be stiff and uncomfortable to work with. The buckles are strong, the zippers are well made and seated, and the lining is nice quality. There are both snaps, for ease of access, and zippers for safety. The shoulder strap is very nicely made and attached with heavy buckles. These are the stress points that can cause a bag to collapse. What is truly nice is that you can slip the (nondetachable) strap into the bag and use the very nice leather handle on top to carry it like a briefcase.The front leather flap is stamped with the face of a wolf and the name of the piece “DesertWolf.” The photo above shows a different stamp, but it is still nice looking.

So far, this truly seems an exceptionally well-made bag. Of course, the problem now is that my housemate grabbed it with a wild and persuasive cackle. Persuasive in that she has laid claim and won’t let it go! 😉 Sigh. That is two, yes TWO bags by this company that have been snatched right out from under me!

I received this bag from IBSound in return for a realistic review. The MSRP is $98.00, the current price on Amazon is $35.99 – so GRAB one while you can!!!