This is why every time I see Sue Vincent’s name in my mailbox I get giddy – such beautiful photos!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

snow weekend 019According to the little map in the book, if we parked in the layby it should be no more than a few minutes’ walk to the stone that was marked there. Now this was, we hoped, the elusive standing stone that had already seen me mud-sliding a year before, had us walking the length of the moor in vain one weird weekend and poring over maps, books and anything else that came to hand in a vain attempt to locate it. We were, by now, beginning to wonder if the original encounter with the biggest standing stone ever had been little more than a dream… You would think there would be reference to it somewhere.

snow weekend 024However, the book said that if we followed the path we would, at least, find a standing stone… and a monument. No more than a few minutes away in the bitter biting cold, it…

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