Archie meets nero wolfe by robert goldsborough 2015 02 24Everyone seems to be doing “special” days – so I thought I would do a “Way Back Wednesday” – books I enjoyed as a youngster and still enjoy today.

Nero Wolfe is the eccentric genius featured in 72 stories (33 novels, 39 novellas) published between 1934 and 1975.

Rex Stout stated that he is the literary agent of Archie Goodwin, who writes the stories in the first person. Nero Wolfe, along with his household staff of Archie, Fritz Brenner, the chef, and Theodore Horstmann, the “orchid nurse,” reside in Mr. Wolfe’s double-wide brownstone townhouse on West Thirty Fifth Street in New York City. Mr. Wolfe rarely leaves the brownstone. –

The Nero Wolfe stories are a big favorite of mine, and this introduction of the Archie Goodwin character, by Robert Goldsborough is the winner of the Lovey Award for Best Historical Novel and a prequel to the Nero Wolfe Mysteries. Enjoy!

Archie Meets Nero Wolfe

A loving tribute to the celebrated Rex Stout by an award-winning author: When Archie Goodwin seeks his fortune in New York City, he finds nonstop adventure as an assistant to legendary detective Nero Wolfe. With over 170 five-star Amazon reviews.

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