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I miss the old me….

A lot of romances today, especially paranormals, are all about the “curvy girls” – the ones with real breasts and bellies and butts. Well, that’s cool – while I was, once upon a time, a model for a couple of different companies (Everlast and L’Oreal, and a few artists), let’s just say, I don’t look like this any more! Sigh. I lost a crap-ton of weight when I was going through chemo (60 lbs) which was hard, (small children ran away screaming that the zombies were coming) and after chemo? Well, let’s just say that my body was not happy with me, and I now sit here bemoaning my double-wide ass. At least I no longer have boobs – those suckers were a nightmare even when I worked out for hours each day!

Anyway, beside the point… what always tick me is that, no matter that the heroine may be a “curvy 24312494girl” in the books – the covers always show a supermodel sized picture! As in a size 2 body – if that . . . check the cover for Waking Up Were by Celia Kyle. Don’t get me wrong, I love Celia’s work, but her cover artist 24502051needs a slap. Of course, most of the BBW paranormals just show the hunky, ripped torso of the male lead – guess most women couldn’t care about the realistic female body – give em’ the 8-pack and it’s all good! (That tat is gorgeous!)


But hey! Check this out. Now that is what I’m Talkin’ about!!! I know there are curvy models out there, and this one fits exactly the idea I have in my head of what a cover model for this type of book should look like.

Good for Skye Eagleday for picking out just the right body for this cover. The book is available at Netgalley.com as an automatic download. Just sayin’.