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A Well Read Woman

Building a Hero I Can Believe In, by Author Samantha Bryant

She stands atop the building, the wind blowing her cape and long, flowing hair out behind her as she scans the horizon. Her perfectly-toned, eternally twenty-three-year-old body is poised to leap (a position that apparently involves torquing your body to accentuate both your breasts and your butt at the same time for the viewing pleasure of anyone who might be watching). She only awaits the call…

That could be a description of many a comic book cover or movie poster.

I’ve always found it funny. Why in the world would a woman who can bend iron in her bare hands or melt through walls dress like that? Surely, with all that power comes some self-confidence and self-respect. I mean, sure, breasts can be wielded like a weapon, but when you’ve got other, more effective and direct weapons, it seems…

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