IMGP1890It was beautiful and warm out yesterday, my back is feeling MUCH better, and I have had insane cabin fever, so I went out to the lumber pile and started dragging things around. Last summer I only gardened in pots, but  IMGP1891I got all sorts of excited and came up with two boxes for veggies, herbs and flowers! I will, of course, have to put netting around as I have a whole colony of bunnies that live under the garden shed . . .

IMGP1894I am lining the bottom of the boxes with cardboard (being a reviewer for several different companies, I get lots of boxes from Amazon!) and then with the ground cloth you see in the photos. It will keep the weeds down (and I have plenty of those!) and the cardboard will eventually rot.

I have already opened up one of the compost piles IMGP1895and pulled the newest off the top and moved that to the new pile I started. The enclosure is just concrete wire – if you have new construction around you can probably bum cut pieces off the contractors to make your own. I am moving the cages over closer to the garden shed so that I have more room around the garden boxes. When I can afford it I am hoping to put a perimeter around both boxes and put in a layer of stone. I think it would look nice, and it would give me a surface to stand on when the ground is wet when I want to gather or I need to do something in the garden. Exciting!

The boxes are scrap lumber, mostly offcuts from the fence install and scrap posts. The box on the right is made of offcuts and topped with pieces of old fence board. I am going to use pieces of offcut fence board to brace everything together on both boxes so it they are more sturdy. You can see the pieces leaning against the ‘walls’ in the top photo. I may paint the box on the right, according to if the paint in the garage froze and is ruined or not…. Best of all?


IMGP1888Under the tree where you see all those beautiful rocks? There used to be a loose circle around the tree made of the stones, filled with bark – but of course bark composts down and weeds spring up, and it wound up being a huge mess…. so, I moved the rocks out in the fall and pulled out the weeds. Now I plan on putting in a Bee Mixture (my neighbor, Ruth, raises bees!) of wildflowers. Well, once I get the strength back to move those darn heavy rocks again! Ruth is coming over in a bit. I have the following heirloom seeds that we are going to plant in starter trays:

Heirloom Seeds 2015
Tomato Principle Borghese (special for oven roasting, sun drying)
Tomato Cherokee Purple
Chile Padilla Bajio  (Chile negro) (for drying and smoky flavor)
Pepper Chile Anaheim NuMex Joe E. Parker (mildly hot Anaheim for roasting)
Tomatillo Pineapple (fruit salsa and jam)
Cucumber Homemade Pickles
Pepper Poblano/Ancho (mildly hot)
Melon Papaya Dew
Sweet Pepper Yolo Wonder Sweet
Pepper Chile Jalapeño Jalafuego – (stuffing for rellanos etc)
Tomato Black Krim – (hint of smoke)
Watermelon Moon & Stars
Tomato Cherry Rainbow Blend (7 varieties in pack)
Tomato Pineapple (fresh eater)
Tomato Speckled Roman (Paste Tomato)
Tomato Green Zebra

Will direct seed lettuce, herbs, etc. once the boxes are finished! Can you tell I love peppers and tomatoes?

DIY Potting Bench built with cedar fence boards for $45, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comIf you haven’t found Pamela’s site, Flower Patch Farmhouse, and you are at all interested in gardening or painting you should check out her site. These 5 DIY Garden Projects are fun and easy. I want to make the potting  bench! Of course, if I accomplish that or not, well . . . 😉 Of course, if I were really motivated, I would build THIS!!

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