My ass is spreading…. w.i.d.e….. after chemo, radiation, heart and lung issues (from the chemo) I have been spreading every which way. And boy, does spreading out mean that breathing is hard sometimes! So, I have started slow, but a bit of Insanity might be something I can work up to – but for right now, sticking with the Yoga! 😉

Perfect Manifesto

Starting Insanity?

Download the Insanity Fitness Template that I designed to keep record and mark changes

From fat to fit to unfit

Due to injuries, an increasing social life and changing jobs.  I have not made much time for the gym.

As a result my fitness has gone downhill – for someone who could do 5k in 19 minutes it’s a struggle.

And due to the new job I am currently gym-less as I find one I like and convenient to my location.

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