Matthew Wright

Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking through some of my older books, specifically to see what’s needed in order to prepare some of them for re-release. Out of which has come two thoughts. The first is, ‘wow, did I write that?’- where I’ve discovered something I have absolutely no recollection of researching. And the second – well, it’s ‘umm…did I write THAT?’

Wright_Typewriter2Actually, it’s more like ‘F—- me, did I put my name to THAT?’ I use that word a lot. But this is a G-rated blog.

It’s kind of ironic. At the time I was producing stuff that seemed just fine. My publishers thought so. So did the reviewers. But looking back now.

Uh – well, it’s still fine, it’s perfectly readable. But truth be told, I might do it differently today.

It was Ernest Hemingway who suggested that all writers are apprentices – even those who’ve…

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