While I was doing my FreeKibble entries for today, I came across this article by Caroline Golon on the Halo Purely For Pets website (#HaloFeeditForward). Since it is Easter, I thought something a bit uplifting would be nice. Enjoy the article and the Youtube Video!

Paralyzed Kitten Gets New Wheels

By Caroline Golon

  • Tumbelina
Photo credit: Pet Collective

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Tumbelina is a sweet black cat rescued from a high kill shelter by Valley Cats, Inc. in Woodland Hills, Calif. But she is different than other cats they’ve rescued.

According to a Pet Collective video, this sweet kitten was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, and cannot walk on her own. “She is a brilliant mind trapped in her body,” explains Yvette Berke, co-founder of Petopia Animal Rescue, which partners with Valley Cats. “She’s bright as a penny but her legs don’t know what to do.”

The Valley Cats and Petopia team knew that Tumbelina’s chances were slim at the shelter. “We knew when we saw her that we had to take her and give her the best shot at life she would have for as long as she would have it,” says Berke.

December Freekibble SpecialTogether, Petopia and Valley Cats found a four-wheeled cart for Tumbelina. “She’s going to be a four-wheel drive cat,” says Berke.

Other than her physical challenges, Tumbelina is a smart, engaged and loving cat who loves to play. She doesn’t realize there’s anything different about her.

“She accepts who she is and thinks that’s perfectly fine,” says Debbie Regal, co-founder of Valley Cats. “ That’s what I love about her. It’s a lesson for humans.”

Tumbelina is seeking her forever home. Learn more at the Valley Cats web site.