Love this article! I couldn’t agree more. ..


Please forgive me; I’m going to have a rant.


Nothing infuriates me more in this frontier world of indie publishing, than the author who ends their book on a cliff hanger.

Scratch that. They don’t end it at all; they just stop writing, smack in the middle of the action, assuming that the reader will be fine and happy to go off and purchase the next in the series so you can find out what happens.

Or wait until the next book is written

Authors – this cheats the reader!


Perhaps I’m old fashioned, and there are rafts of readers out there who don’t mind investing several hours in reading a book only to discover that it has no resolution. Sorry, I’m not one. I like my books in the time-honoured style of beginning-middle-end.

Of course, if a book is part of a series, there are going to be dangling…

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