20150407_173249Ah, gorgeous spring weather! Well, at least for a couple days . . .     A couple hours in the studio and then Voila! Pretties on the clothes line. This isn’t all I got done, but this is one batch. Loose alpaca, loose wool, and BFL roving. I will be combing them out and using them for a project for a friend (Yes, Meghan, that means YOU… finally!) Of course, I dyed up lots more than I need for this one project – lots of ideas swimming through my head…

My seeds for the garden are barely starting to come up. I actually tagged things – wow.It is hard to see the tomatoes coming up in the photo, but you can see the corn coming up on the top left. Yummy! I am keeping them covered with plastic right now as the Colorado sun is really hot and it’s been breezy, so things dry out too much.

20150407_173300The pots are Bush Rosemary in the back, there are two Spicy Oregano plants in there, a Spearmint, the square pot is Sun and Moon Watermelon, and the two small squares are Chocolate Cherry Tomato and a 20150407_173434‘Gift’ tomato, both from my friend Ruth. The round pot? Well, a squirrel got into the garage where I had the flats stored for nighttime protection – I scraped up the mess and reseeded the flats where it dug, then scraped all the dirt it kicked out onto the top of the round pot and watered it. We will see if anything was salvaged or if the little bugger ate all the seeds. Little rat – I feed them plenty of sunflower seeds and other goodies!

Of course, I am going to have to build fencing around the boxes – or else the bunnies will be eating all the goodies from the garden… I think I will try using PVC pipe to make hoops over the bed and cover with sheet plastic? Hum… nah. Probably won’t work. It gets way too windy here.

Anyone got any ideas for keeping the bunnies  from munching down on my garden?20150407_173337


Oooh… just found this on http://abundantminigardens.com The netting wouldn’t catch the wind like plastic covering would!


And then there are the deer… (even though they are darn CUTE!
Raccoons in the Vegetable Garden
The bandits live around here as well…


Ha, hahahahaha!!!! Mine! Mine!!!