I haven’t been posting reviews for a bit – sorry about that. It has been one of those months, but hopefully things will smooth out soon. (Isn’t that what we all hope?

Not being able to sleep, I pulled out my knitting and a cup of decaf and sat down to watch a movie. Cruising around Amazon Prime Video, I found I’ll Follow You Down. Gillian Anderson and Haley Joel Osment. The blurb says: After the disappearance of a young scientist on a business trip, his son and wife struggle to cope, only to make a bizarre discovery years later – one that may bring him home. OK, that sounds interesting – or mind numbing, it is always so hard to tell. The movies I have flipped through lately have been real stinkers, but I like Gillian Anderson, so I settled back to watch.

Victor Garber Actor Victor Garber attends Vanity Fair Party for the ...Directed by Richie Mehta, the movie is listed as drama-mystery. The mystery is there – what happened to Marika’s husband, and Erol’s father after he touched down in New Jersey and his father-in-law, played by the erudite Victor Garber, drops him at Princeton University in Albert Einstein’s old laboratory space? What were the crates that he had delivered to the lab? (And what, by the way, was the father’s name? I didn’t really catch it!)

This isn’t really what I would call a ‘drama’ per se. It is more of a morality tale in the end, set in a scientific/science fiction setting. Filmed on a minimal budget in Canada the story is slow to develop. As another reviewer says, the pacing and filming is more on the level of a morality play in three parts than the type of ‘shock and awe’ portrayal that today’s science fiction flicks seem to wallow in. Not to say I don’t love some high action/adventure scifi that is so common today, but the slow pace and psychological and sociological questions brought to light kept me awake instead of putting me to sleep as I went into it thinking it would. There are questions of how life can change in an instant, and how our personal choices can make, or destroy, the lives of everyone around us in a widening gyre, from a single, selfish action. I have to say, the poster/cover for the movie, done all in blue, fits the concept.

As I said, this isn’t “SciFi Rock n’ Roll” – but if you want a quiet, thoughtful movie with an interesting concept, you might try this out. It isn’t the best developed film I have ever seen, but it is pleasant, and leaves the viewer with food for thought.

Oh, and I see that Criminal Minds is doing another spinoff (I really liked Suspect Behavior with Forrest Whittaker, but I guess it wasn’t different enough from the main show to stand up.) This one is going international and has Gary Sinise, who is looking darn good for his age, so I hope this one works.

On another note, have Hawaii Five-0 on while I write this – (yes, I know, know. . . dumb. But I get to see beautiful Hawaii scenes!) and a party boat with a bunch of drunk ass college kids are partying and ‘selfie-ing’ when they are boarded by pirates…. and the IDIOTS are still taking selfies – of themselves and the pirates! OK, I know kids are stupid these days, and social media is all “the thing” – –  but can we have at least a modicum of common sense here people??!?!

Gong! And the 2015 winners for the Darwin Awards are. . . .