23403887 Grayson Crawford has had a hell of a time over the last year. Hiking in the woods he responded to the voices of women screaming for their lives. Arriving at the point of origin he found one woman dead and a woman and small child being attacked by what appeared to be a monster. And a monster it was – for a feral wolf had attacked. A feral werewolf.

Attacking, Grayson drove off the monster then fled into the woods. For the next six months, he was totally and completely alone – except for the overwhelmingly alpha wolf who lived inside him. I reviewed that story, the first in the series, Silver Wolf Clan, Book 1, back in July of last year. At the time I said:

“Overall, the book doesn’t fall within my “Oh, Wow!” mindset, but it is interesting enough that I will still follow along to see what happens next.”

Of course, time and books got in the way, and when I saw Brand of the Pack on Netgalley, I grabbed it thinking it was the next in the series. Oops. I totally missed Black Wolf’s Revenge, Book 2 of the Silver Wolf Clan series. Catching in the first sentence that I was missing something, I downloaded Black Wolf and spent this snowy afternoon reading it.

I am glad I did. After the happenings in Book 1 Grayson and the woman and child he rescued, Morgan Carter and her niece Lana, have had a hard time. With Morgan learning about her change, and about how rare she is as a Silver Wolf, the dangers to her and Lana have Morgan on a razor’s edge. Grayson has shown time and again that he will do anything, even die if necessary, for her and for Lana. But a botched disclosure of just how rare she is, and how much danger she and Lana are in due to her Silver Wolf status, has Morgan running back to her little house in town, far away from Grayson and the Dallas Pack. Heartbroken, she determines to protect herself and Lana on her own.

“She hadn’t wanted any more help from them. She would be forever tied to their pack for hunts, socialization, and support for herself and her child. She had wanted one area of her life to stay the same so she could have something to call her own. She wanted a small semblance of the independence she had found and relished in. Something to be proud of.”

But things don’t always work out the way we want. While both of them suffer, things are working behind their backs which will put all of their lives in danger. And while Gray may love Morgan, the Black Wolf seems more bent on revenge for what he feels is Morgan’s betrayal.

Tera Shanley has stepped up in this second book of the series with an interesting premise, fast pace, and interesting world development. Her next book, Brand of the Pack, Silver Wolf Clan, Book 3 continues the story.

I received books 1 and 3 from the publisher, however this book I purchased on my own.