’m watching Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe on Netflix. What a wonderful movie, and how heartbreaking… Watching the scene where the KKK is whipping Big George in front off the Whistle Stop Cafe. This stuff really happened — Frank beating Ruth and kicking her down the stairs while she is pregnant, then trying to steal her child. The KKK, hatred and bigotry, and horrific, cruel, evil things happening.

But good people as well. Smokey Lonesome, Idgie and Ruth, Sipsie, all the wonderful characters (well, except for the Georgia cop, but then I got a huge kick out of him eating the BBQ! I wanted him busted over the head with a shovel and dumped in a hole…)

Bemoaning the lack of good movies out there I was happy to see this on Netflix. And I truly don’t see this as a “chick flick” – anyone with a conscious should be watching this film. Especially as things, for all the ways they have changed, have a spooky way of staying the same…