23702427I truly hate writing reviews for ‘less than stellar’ books. Let’s face it, authors work hard to put their books out there, and I want to encourage them. Sadly, I truly wish someone with a very red pen and a good heart had held Mr. Andrade’s hand for this book.

The first thing I noted about the book is that the dialog and prose are both pompous and stilted. For example (there has been a helicopter crash and the pilot and trainer are still inside):

“One of the men trapped inside, detecting the smoke for the first time and projecting how it might adversely affect their survival, pounded feverishly on the window.”

Trying too hard can be just as bad, if not worse than, not trying hard enough. This is also readily apparent in the characters. The main character, Ross, is bad with people and a terrible conversationalist, which I admit I am as well. However, the ‘over the top’ rendition of his incompetence quickly became stale – then simply irritating, quickly leading to ‘someone stop me, I am going to throw my tablet’! The conversations between other characters was immature and again, needed input from a good editor.

The overall storyline was more suited for the YA crowd, as long as they are quite young. I could see this being a good children’s television cartoon program however.

Again, I wish I didn’t have to give a bad review, but the one dimensional characters, poor writing and my complete inability to relate made this one of the less pleasant books I have read recently. I hope Mr. Andrade can find a competent editor to help him shape the book.

I received this book from the publisher in return for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own.