23524116“He’s her mate and he dipped his stick in several other … actually many other oil tanks. So she dumped his furry player ass, snuck away in the middle of the night and hadn’t really planned on ever going back there again.” – Dwayne

Last night was “cleanse the palette” night. After some difficult reads, with deep thought processes needed, it was time to pull up a “freebie” from an Indie author. Ground rules: the author’s first book in a series (I had thought this was actually her first book, then I got a gander at the whole NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author thing – ah well!), a ‘light’ read with a female lead, and it has to promise to have some humour.

What I came up with was Ready to Were: Shift Happens, Book One. Originally appearing in Three Southern Beaches, which I haven’t read, this novella extends a short. Essie McGee is an agent with WTF – the Werewolf Treaty Federation. Her job is, basically, to go out and kill things. Quite a bit different from her life on Hung Island, Georgia, where her main interest was her sexy Alpha Hank Wilson. That all ended when Hank couldn’t keep it in his pants – who wants to be barefoot and pregnant and at the beck and call of a player – but when Essie gets marching orders back to go back to Hung Island on a case, even though she would rather chew off her own paw, well. Hilarity happens.

Dragging her gay 300 year old Vampyre best friend along with her for moral support, Essie blows into Hung Island to all the things she left behind. Including Grandma Bobby Sue – and the dreaded Hank the Cheater. But as Dwayne says, “you’re far too beautiful to be hung up on a goober.”

There are missing women, strangers in town, and a desperate rush to find the women before it is too late. All well written, paced and plotted. But the best part? I am lying in bed with my Shih Tzu, Koda, and I laughed so hard when we met Grandma Bobby Sue that he leaped up off my stomach and started barking at whatever made his mom blow up!

laughcat I loved this book! As I said, it is free on Amazon, so grab your copy and sit back to enjoy yourself! Published November 25, 2014, I guess I will have to wait a bit for the next installment. Bummer!