CRS Can't Remember ShitI hate having lost my mind. We were such good friends! But apparently I am not the only one whose memory has turned into a sieve, given the number of questions on the Goodreads page, What’s The Name of That Book??? Discussion Group. 5,034 listings of “I can’t remember shit”…
Here is one from Timothy that is bugging me, as I could swear I read this one at some point!
It was a series i read about 10 years ago, it was about an) alpha were-lion, there was something about councils and meeting between all the were species. there was a were-komodo who was the last of her kind working for i think the werewolves as an enforcer. there was a were-serpent who was also the last of his kind. and a were-tiger was one of the main characters, i think she becomes the mate of the lion alpha. i remember in one part the mother of the alpha lion showing the alpha photo’s of the savannah and in it there were starving lions. and something about were-spiders killing other weres.

Now, maybe I am crazy, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have a “Search Engine” for keywords in Goodreads (or even a separate site, but having it at Goodreads would make things really simple.) that would allow the reader to conduct a Boolean search for specific books by putting in specific keywords. Maybe most unusual words first, in this case, Genre: Urban Fantasy OR Fantasy Keyword: werekomodo AND wereserpent AND werespider AND werelion AND weretiger AND werewolves AND enforcer Year Range: 1990 TO 2000 (or whatever you think it is). I bet it would get a TON of use – I know I would certainly use it!

Come on, Goodreads! You have a lot of great things on the site – how about a lovely little search engine for those of us who have a bad case of CRS? (Can’t Remember Shit!)