I think that “Buzz in a Cup” would be perfect for Drake – he has such Boundless Energy! What do you think? Dowser 5 will be coming out, and Meghan needs your help. And if you haven’t read the books yet? They are GREAT!

Made by Meghan

At the beginning of Dowser 5 *spoiler alert* Drake eats three different cupcakes. Two are new creations of Jade’s, and the fledgling has previously tasted the third one.

Dowser Series cupcake Masterlist                                                           The Cupcake Masterlist for the Dowser Series

As I was working through the third draft today, I thought it might be fun if readers of the Dowser Series decided on the ‘previously tasted’ cupcake.

To that end, I have embedded a poll below – which I seriously hope works – with five possibilities. All of the cupcakes on the poll were mentioned in Dowser 1, and therefore could have previously been consumed by Drake (which is the main criteria).

Pick one. Majority rules.

I promise to release the cupcake recipe a couple of weeks before I release Dowser 5. Yum!

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