Well, speaking of poo…. my new friends the Whislers at Fairmount Stables were good enough to gift me with a mountain of horse manure from their own personal mountain. Woo hoo! Free Poo! The thing is, I had to get it here. They are just around the corner and up, but hiking back and forth with the wheelbarrow didn’t appeal. And borrowing a truck and shoveling it in the back (especially after all this bloomin’ RAIN), bringing it here, shoveling it out, shoveling it into the wheelbarrow, shoveling it out where it needs to go… nuh uh. Just nuh uh. So, what to do?pofinal

In steps Bin There Dump That. William Blauvelt, the owner/operator of this neat little one man show showed up bright and shiny early this  20150516_073857 morning at the stables and Greg used his backhoe to load up the back of his big green truck. Then, not only did he bring it to me, he also pulled off the gate for me, then put it back on – and he put it on so that it actually opens without having to struggle! Score. . . I am sharing, of course, with Ruth. Hey, she got me back into this whole permaculture thing, she deserves some poo as well!

I have been doing a lot of yard work, and I have two books on my desk! A third of Michael Angel’s next Fantasy and Forensics (happy dance!!!) has Dayna on her next adventure on Andeluvia, the alternate 11918436world where centaurs, griffins, and other ‘mythological’ beasties The Deer Prince's Murder: Book Two of 'Fantasy & Forensics'roam. Poor Dayna. She has fought and bled for the human and non-human population of this gorgeous world – and the jerky humans are just as bitchy, jealous and ungrateful as always – meaning Dayna and Shaw the Griffin are on their own, this time without even the help of Galen the Centaur Wizard who is forced by the king to remain behind in his position of Court Wizard. There are still dark forces poisoning the King’s Court – and darker forces overshadowing the world. I am sooo excited to have this first third on my desk. And I can’t wait to read the rest!! Don’t miss the first two in the series – click  the covers above and pick up your copies today!

I also have the next in Susan Bliler’s Skin Walker Series. I have been honored to edit the new ones and re-edit the previous editions, which is a great pleasure. If you haven’t read them yet, these are some great paranormals with wonderful characters, developed story lines, and solid word building. If you haven’t checked them out yet and you like paranormal romance, I can highly recommend them! Click the photo to order and read King, Book 1 of the Skin Walkers saga. I am re-editing Leto for publication in a couple of weeks – I will let you know when it comes out! Leto is Book 6 in the series. Leto (Skin Walkers, #6)The complete series is:

Book 1 – SW: King (published 2013)
Book 2 – SW: RedKnife (published Feb 2015)
Book 3 – SW: Bishop (Coming soon 1-2015)
Book 4 – SW: Mason
Book 5 – SW: Conn (published 2012)
Book 6 – SW: Leto (published 2013)
Book 7 – SW: Monroe (published 2013)
Book 8 – SW: York (published May 2014)
Book 9 – SW: Gauge (published Feb 2014)
Book 10 – SW: Remy
Book 11 – SW: Legion
Book 12 – SW: Tyce

I am going to the High Plains Plant Propagation Cooperative – Semi-annual Symposium and Plant Sale tomorrow at Living Systems Institute, at 14020 W. 32nd Ave., Golden. Wish you could come as well!

The Cooperative was formed to make plants available to the public from
– stock that is proven to thrive on the Colorado front range, that
– fits into plant groupings (guilds), that are
– beautiful,
– productive, and
– low maintenance,and lead to a healthy, thriving habitat for humans and other living things. We also get to see a demonstration on Hugelkultur Mulching (apparently that is what I am doing in the garden – who’d a ‘thunk? Here are some photos of other people’s beds:


Wishing I had hay bales – I bet the bunnies would have a chore getting over these!

I am LOVING using up things that would  normally go into a landfill to build something GOOD for the environment! I am putting in a bed in the front as well, with columbines, wild pansies and “Bee Plants” for Ruth’s bees to come down and enjoy. And in turn, I get to enjoy FRESH honey!

Maybe if I kept the good stuff up high and planted alfalfa low, the bunnies wouldn’t eat my stuff!



So, lots of stuff going on, and I reallllly need a nap!

And I hit 500 followers!

500 Follows!