Cailleach BheurOK, that is enough, Cailleach Bheur!! I mean it. I am getting really aggravated at your continuing hold on Winter, your refusal to move over and allow Summer to blossom is getting to be a pain in my backside. I already need the help of Airmid to bless my Airmidgardens with healing. If she even can, at this point. You are well aware that I have already had to replant – TWICE – because you keep getting such a kick out of dumping inches of snow on the land. Now, this continuing bone chilling cold and drooly, drizzly rain is really making me crazy! And you are planning on snowing – AGAIN – later this week?!?!?! Get over it girl!!! We need some relief around here or I won’t have and tomatoes, peppers, or anything else to put up for next winter. And you know I just got those two cherry trees and the apricot. If you think I am putting them in the ground for you to kill off, you’ve got another think coming! So how about you get off your grumpy, dreary backside and let a little warmth into our lives? Thank you!

Whew. OK. Got that off my chest. As you can tell, it is miserable around here. It actually started at the end of the plant sale I was telling you about. All I had to sell were catmint and lemon balm from last year’s crop.Β  They spread well and are amazingly hearty, so I had plants I could dig up. My oregano came back, but it hasn’t spread enough to be sold. So, just a bit, but it was still a ton of fun and I got the trees I wanted. I have photos but the battery in my tablet is dead, so more later on that.

Blargh. My housemate made coconut dark chocolate chip muffins. I am going to have one of those and a huge mug of hot tea and catch up on my reviews, so keep an eye out, they are coming. Nothing else I am up to doing today. Well, maybe going back to bed?

I wonder – if I buy a houseboat, could I just sail it to the Carribean every winter and stay there till the weather gets warm?

Of course, all I could afford is a “Hillbilly Houseboat”…..