I don’t normally post my product reviews here on SIRTBT, but in this case, I am making an exception! As an avid audiobook reader, sound quality is important, as all your audiophiles out there are well aware. And besides, I love music when I am too distracted to listen to a book, or when I am editing. So, I have been tickled to test several different types of headphones lately.

The ones I am reviewing today are the SoundPeats. I love bluetooth headphones. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as working on something that requires moving around and wind up getting headphone cables caught on something and they are jerked out of your ears, or off of your head! OUCH! Bluetooth does have some drawbacks, of course, like range. When you can only get half-way across the next room before they start cutting out, that sucks. And headphones, as a whole, are sometimes hard on my head, comfort wise.

Taking all this into consideration, these SoundPeat headphones literally Rule!

Here is my Amazon review: $39.99  Best

Soundpeats A1 Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones with Built-in Mic and 12 Hour Battery

I am not normally blown-away, gobsmacked, by a set of headphones. But in this case, I am definitely making an exception!

First, let’s talk about sound quality. I have tried some extremely expensive headphones at professional studios and these, at only $39.99, are just as good, in my opinion, as the Sennheiser models. I have been listening to Moby, Michael Walen, Ivy, Pink, Satie and others on these today, and they are amazing sound quality.

Comfort. While in a large format, these are amazingly comfortable. They fit well over my ears, don’t put too much pressure on my bone structure at the back of my jaw, and the soft padding at the headpiece and earpieces make them entirely comfortable.

Range. This is just as important to me as quality and comfort. I am a busy person around the house – I edit books, garden, and work in my studio where dyes and fibers should be kept away from my tablet. I get a good 40 yards or more of distance before I have to wander back and move the tablet closer to my location. With NO loss of Sound Quality!! For a bluetooth device, this is awesome.

I would highly recommend that you try these headphones if you are a sound junkie like myself!

Mediabridge Cadence Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

These are nice in that they are lightweight and wrap around the back of the neck, as do the EGRD, instead of over top, making them more comfortable. As I have used them I notice that they have good range, and are comfortable – as long as you get them settled on your ears properly. They are naturally rolled into a circle when you get them, and when they lie in the case, and if they aren’t settled correctly they aren’t quite as comfortable – but there is that range thing again…. they are small and lightweight which is a true plus.

My Amazon Review: $29.99 Better

I have been looking for a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones to use with my audiobooks. As I mostly use a tablet, it is a pain to carry it around with headphones on without having my tablet keeping me unable to hold anything else, dropping the tablet, or just being aggravating to have to carry around. I do have a Zune, but I find that I really like being able to keep my books in one place with backups in the Cloud. I have tried various bluetooth options, but just never found anything I really like. Hooray to find these – they paired up and are working beautifully. They are padded, so the pressure on my ears isn’t great. I haven’t worn them for a long period of time yet, but so far, no worries. The sound quality is good, the lay of the neck piece is comfortable, and they are light weight. Overall, I love them.

I received these headphones from the manufacturer in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own.

 EGRD Upgrade Version Apt-X Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Stereo Headsets.

My review for Amazon: $19.99  Good

4.5 stars. This headset is awesome. The way it lays around the neck is ultra comfortable. The earpieces are rather typical for the in-ear type, but comfortable as well. I love that the tips are magnetized to hold the buds and keep them from hanging where they could tangle or catch on something.

I dropped 1/2 star because the range isn’t as good as others I have tried. With my other set I can go downstairs and do laundry, leaving my tablet upstairs, and I can still pick up my audio books. These keep me within the upper floor and inside of an approximately 30 ft space.

Otherwise? A great investment to keep you from having to be wired in!!!
I received this item from EGRD in return for a realistic review. I like them 😉

My final input? The SoundPeats for when you really, really want good sound quality and there is no one else around who you have to pay attention to. High quality, long range, great comfort for over the head models. The Mediabridge for range and comfort with good, though not great, sound quality. The range on the Apt-X is pretty limited, but they are very comfortable and if someone is hanging around you need to occasionally pay attention to, well, these are the best in-ear models I have found.