Farming In Your Backyard for Beginners Vol.2 - Use Proven Str... by Barbara GlidewellOy. I am getting really tired of nonfiction “Books” (said with the appropriate eye rolls and coughs into my hand) that aren’t really “books” at all. They are simply a few sentences that are called Chapters which really have no useful information. Let’s take this little ditty for example. “Chapter 5 – Choosing the Right Plants for your Farm”. Uh, dude? Hybrid and cross-pollinated seeds are all you talk about?! What about Heirlooms – THE way to go for backyard gardening! Look, you aren’t looking to crate up thousands of pounds of tomatoes that could be used for cannon balls like those you get in the store. If you are going to do that, just go to the market and buy a cannonball tomato and forget the love. However, if you want a tomato that tastes like a real tomato and not cardboard, heirloom is the way to go.

Ad nauseum.

The full title is Farming In Your Backyard for Beginners Vol.2 – Use Proven Strategies to Grow Plants, Herbs, and Food in Your Backyard Easily (Best Guide To Grow Organic … Farming, Backyard Farming Strategies)”. Huh. Definitely not the ‘best’ of anything here.

I wouldn’t waste time on this one, believe me. Even though this is a “for beginners” piece, it is basically useless. Give it a pass. There is better information, much better, at your local grower’s co-op. Or look up your local gardening clubs – they are chock full of information and I bet you will find they are marvelous human beings!