Ohhhhh man!! It’s coming that time again . . . smarmy politicians taking over the airwaves, making promises they have no intention of keeping, paving paths of gold for corporations and the rich…. clear the way, I think I need to call the devil on the porcelain telephone….


  • They’re At It Again
  • Each out falsifying to win
  • Making promises to help the poor
  • Just how many times
  • Have we heard this before
  • Yet, feeling stupid, is clamoring for more
  • The end result, just more war
  • A speech makes them teary
  • It makes me leery
  • Especially the smile
  • Given by a pedophile, to a child
  • While all the while
  • The pretender has a hidden agenda
  • Especially when selected as the winner
  • Then, back to the blame game
  • As things worsen or remain the same
  • Politicians sell daydreams
  • Religion sells hope
  • CEO’s sell schemes
  • At least doctors sell dope
  • The police make sure we cope
  • Or off to jail
  • Give them credit
  • The system seldomfails
  • Making people want what
  • They cannot have and never had
  • Making them believe
  • The only alternative to worse, is bad
  • No, it isn’t pathetic, but sorrilysad
  • No matter how much you rave…

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