23442007Mission #732: Improve my reputation as a badass so people don’t make stupid requests.

Kyle is, to use a well-worn word, vain. Self-obsessed also works. Oh, and rabidly addicted to his man card, of course. So when he is asked to play Rudolph in the Christmas Parade, pulling Santa’s sleigh, well, he is highly insulted. Hum … I wonder how much insecurity there is in there along with the vanity.

Of course, when he meets precious little blond-haired, green-eyed Gigi, his outlook starts to change. Of course, her gorgeous, cougar shifter mum, Crystal, could have something to do with it. Then, when Crystal’s cruel, obsessive ex shows up, Kyle’s protective instincts slam into overdrive.

Caribou’s gift is another of Eve Langalis’ incredibly fun Kodiak Point series. Short, funny, fun. It is the perfect short read for a relaxing evening. How fun!