The Calling (Gateway Series #1)Bombastic: adj. (of speech, writing, etc.) High-sounding; high-flown; inflated; pretentious.

Pretentious: adj. characterized by assumption of dignity or importance, especially when exaggerated or undeserved: “A pretentious, self-important writer.”

Oh, like, OMG! Like, ya know, like, she said, and then he said, and then… OMG he is soooo cute!

And then, I bashed my head on the floor. This is a “Destroyer”? More like a whiny little spoiled brat who can’t do anything on her own. Preteen angst, anyone? I suppose preteens like this, but I find it a crying shame that preteens are subjected to this dross, telling them that strong girls aren’t acceptable – that they need some “big strong love interest” to hold their hands and make everything OK. Ugh. I had to laugh, “Sean waited until the process was complete, and Carolyn admitted that he might be right aout the ankle which now sported a raised and ragged line of scar tissue, marring the skin at the base of her shin. Good thing she wasn’t vain.” Wasn’t vain? Oy.

So, adult warning, intelligent teen warning. The concept was good. The “heroine”? So not worth it.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. Two stars for world-building.