I love plants. Love them. The thing is, I am not good with house plants. I still try though. And nothing is more fun, to me, than seeds from fruits I eat. If I can get those to grow, it gives me a great big sense of accomplishment!

Tonight, I was moving plants around outside. I still have several I haven’t been able to get in the ground.  One of the plants is a very nice Hot and Spicy Oregano. I am trying to build up a garden of unusual vegetable and herb plants to sell seedlings at the  local urban farming cooperative. I have unusual tomato and pepper plants mostly, and a couple of different melons. I sure hope they make it through this extremely weird weather! So, I am moving the plants around off of the grass, because if I don’t get the mower out soon, I am going to be up to my knees and not able to even see the plant pots. So, when I was moving the Oregano I saw something odd – this 6″ high, dark red/purple plant. See?

20150610_001401_resizedAnd I finally figured it out. I ate a mango about three months ago. And when I was done, I cleaned the mango pit and planted it in the orange pot you see in the photo. Later, when I got the oregano plant, I had forgotten that I planted the mango pit in the same pot as I planted the oregano. One-plus-one equals two, and what do you know, I looked it up, and yep. Mango tree! I have a couple of avocado trees you can see in this photo. I kept them living through the winter, hopefully I can keep them going for a few years. They are pretty scrawny and tall, but that is I suppose to be expected as they stayed inside for the winter with little light. They, and the mango, will need to be kept trimmed (Hey, maybe I should have turned these to Bonsai before they got so tall!) Maybe I can wire them up still? Will have to talk to someone in the gardening group I suppose, see if anyone does Bonsai!