Sad English Bulldog face courtesy of

Reviews coming tonight, but it has been such rainy, gray, thunder/lightning/rain-rain-rainy weather, I have been blue. But, my favorite modern painter, Diane Millsap, sent out a photo of her newest work and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

This artwork is the property of Diane Millsap

Diane’s work never fails to cheer me up. I am saving up for prints for over my bed. Honestly, her print are not all that expensive – what I am actually trying to figure out is which ones I want! A 16″ x 20″ Giclee of Outside Pat O Briens Bar is only $54.99, a photographic print only $29.99. You can buy a stretched canvas print for $124.99. But I want to do groupings around the room, so more prints equals more money – and choosing just which prints I want! Pat O’Brian’s, I am sure, but there is the New Orleans Street Car, Night on Royal, A Garden District Sunset, and SO many more…

You can look at all Diane’s New Orleans artwork at by clicking  Signs of Bourbon Street to the left to go to for All Diane’s works.

Or click her logo at right to c out her private site and view her art and her commentary on being a New Orleans Artist.

Until then, I am going to put on some New Orleans Jazz and pull my head together to get some work done.

Painting from the site of the Berkley High School New Orleans Jazz Festival. Click photo to go to site.