So incredibly sad, that unknowable history is shattered and so much lost – for building materials….

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Avebury SE weekend 675We didn’t make it past the first stone. Not for a while anyway. This is perhaps the most complete part of the outer circle that now remains; many of the stones were broken up for building material in years past for the village within the site. We entered the Great Circle, crossing the ditch that now leads into the field where the stones arc out the first quadrant. ‘Ditch’ is not the right word. It is a henge… a deep ditch surrounding the inner space with a raised bank behind it. The top of the bank is irregular in shape. There are a number of archaeological theories on that, but I think back to a visit to another of the great stone circles, when we sat on an adjacent barrow and saw the outline of the henge silhouetted like a sleeping goddess against the sky.

Avebury . Image : Avebury . Image :

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