Governing by stupidity and blindness needs to be stopped. I hope we can all consider these words by my friend “The Old Fart” and listen beneath the words.


Since our electorate in the US is largely uninformed about issues of import, politicians and pundits can get away with the use of derogatory names or labels to diminish the veracity of the others’ argument. For example, the Affordable Care Act has been called akin to Nazism, Apartheid and slavery by current Presidential candidates. This imperfect law is not only working pretty well, but is saving lives, something that none of these names could be accused of.

So, when you hear someone calling an opposing argument or someone’s idea with a negative name or label, do yourself and country a favor and pause. Then, ask that person or yourself, why would he or she say that? Why is the Affordable Care Act akin to slavery? Or, do you really believe that to be true or are you saying that to influence an uninformed public? To be frank, I find name…

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