Tinker: Elfhome, Book 1 | [Wen Spencer]On December 21 I noted in a post that Wen Spencer’s Elfhome series was out on Audible. Being a rabid lover of all things Spencer, and of Audio Books in general, I was thrilled.

Over the last few days I have listened to both Tinker and Wolf Who Rules and am more than happy to say that they didn’t disappoint – At. All. If you read my original review of Tinker back in July of 2013 you will read how much I enjoyed the first book. The blend of technology with magic completely charmed me. Magic, in the world of Elfhome, is based upon technology. Spencer delves into the world of quantum mechanics, chaos theory, physics, and various other sciences to build a world where Tinker, the heroine of the story and a junk yard owner, blends science with magic to create magical machines, like the hover bikes that made Wolf Who Rules: Elfhome, Book 2 | [Wen Spencer]her famous in a Philadelphia ripped out of our reality and transported to Elfhome by a mistake in quantum mechanics. A mistake made by her grandfather and extrapolated out to a Chinese space platform which allows travel between worlds. Philadelphians didn’t ask for their city to be transported – but now that it is, a new world of trade has been opened up, and Philadelphia transports monthly between Earth and Elfhome. Sooo interesting!!!

The narration, by Tanya Eby, is beautifully done, and fits the characters well. Tinker is a Elfhome: Elfhome, Book 3 | [Wen Spencer]very mature, very brilliant, eighteen – not a character I would normally identify with at her age, but being raised on another world, by a brilliant grandfather, makes her ‘older’ in some ways, while being incredibly naïve in others. She is an interesting blend of emotionally childlike and intellectually mature, and it shows in all of her actions.

Wolf Who Rules is the second installment of the series, continuing the story of Tinker and her interactions with the Elves whose world Elfhome is. There is danger, suspense, and mystery as there was in Tinker, but the story begins to expand beyond Tinker and her Wood Sprites: Elfhome, Book 4 | [Wen Spencer]cousin Oilcan, spreading out across space and time – and developing the storyline to include a war being waged against the evil (and they truly ARE evil, in the most disgusting and painful manner) Oni – true monsters from another, massively overpopulated word, who are determined to take over Earth and Elfhome, destroying both humans and elves. Complete savages, they can nonetheless breed with humans – a situation that leaves human women at risk, and half-human/half-Oni on the razors edge, brutalized by the Oni and hunted by the Elves. Betrayed by a friend, causing her capture by the Oni, can Tinker rescue herself before she is forced to open a new gate between worlds, allowing the Oni to capture both Earth and Elfhome? Will she be able to save the humans, the Elves, the half-Oni, and a new, previously unknown slave race being brutalized by the Oni?

Wyvern (Elfhome, #0.5)Action, adventure, suspense – it’s all here in spades in the series. Elfhome and Wood Sprites are the two books of the series I still have to read that are available on Audible.com. I am thrilled to see that there are two “Shorts” also available that are set in the Elfhome world. Wyvern is a prequel of sorts, set in the world of Elfhome shortly after “Startup” – when Philadelphia is first brought over to Elfhome. Blue Sky is the story of human John Montana and his brother, Blue Sky, a half-sekasha – one of the elven warrior class who protects the leaders of Elfhome – a class which is above the law, and who are a danger to Blue Sky. Can Tinker protect Blue Sky and John? This story is set after Wolf Who Rules and it is highly recommended that you read that novel before picking up this short or you may spoil your read of WWR. I am about to pick it up now that I have listened to Wolf.Blue Sky (Elfhome book, #2.5)

I highly recommend this series!!!!!!!!! Especially if you like listening to your books as much as you enjoy reading them.