I keep getting pictures in my head of these idiots sticking their fingers in their ears, dropping to their backs and kicking their feet while going “LA LA LA LA LA!!!!” Really, really Loud . . . they show the mental and emotional equanimity of two year olds. Destroy your toys at will, because mummy will just buy you more, scream and rage and throw temper tantrums because you aren’t held to a higher standard, steal everyone elses toys and hoard them for yourself.

Weren’t these people supposed to learn better than this in Kindergarten?????


There have been a series of comments by Republican presidential candidates and leaders directed at Pope Francis for having the nerve to talk about helping people in poverty and doing something about climate change. They have basically told him to stick to religion and one even said “helping us be better people.” I am having a hard time coming to grips with these comments, but I guess these folks felt like they had to say something to counteract the veracity of the Pope’s message. And, some of the candidates are even Catholic, no less.

Let me first say I agree with the messages of the Pope who is probably the greatest leader we have on the planet today. No, he is not perfect, but he is speaking about issues the Catholic Church has always stood for, helping people in need. More global charities to help the poor have been started by the…

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