Hedging His BetsIt’s tough being a big, tough, scary shifter – when you change into a hedgehog weighing about a pound. Oy. How embarrassing! Especially when you are totally addicted to Honey, an Amazonian honey-blond with attitude to spare. But when Blake finds out that Honey adores Hedgies, he decides he will play the ‘poor little hedgehog’ and get himself into Honeys arms that way. What could go wrong?

Um…. well, let’s see. You come into her home playing a role . . .

What happens next is funny, sad, and a lighthearted look at just how dumb men can be when they are determined to get what they want! This is a light-hearted story, just what we expect from the team of Celia Kyle and Mina Carter. Lots of humour, quirky characters, and of course, an HEA. Not brain surgery, but lots of fun.

Hedging His Bets (Hedging His Bets #1)

by Celia Kyle (Goodreads Author), Mina Carter (Goodreads Author)