Matthew Wright

‘Editing’ is an oft-misused term. In the next few posts I’ll be outlining what it is in terms of editorial systems for publishing – which isn’t what authors mean by ‘editing’.

To do that, I’m drawing from the thirty-plus years I’ve spent in the business, not just as a writer but also working professionally in publishing over that span in various ways: tasks where among other things I’ve had to edit stuff, define ‘house style’ and grammar standards, hire editors and proof-readers, and evaluate the quality of their work.

Wright_Books2I don’t often blog about this. It’s not where I expected I would find myself, given my first love of physics, music and the sciences in general. But such are the turns of life: I learned the business through some very hard yards, and today there is little about writing or publishing that surprises me. In this agile new age I can also say that while…

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