Hunting a Mate (Quick & Furry, #6)“Cute n’ cuddly, boys. Cute n’ cuddly!” – Skipper, The Penguins of Madagascar

Celia and Mina’s Quick and Furry series, of which Hunting a Mate is number 6, is a series of short-story length tales based around the M&M Mating Agency, run by Mari Roe and her brother, troublemaker Maddox. Mari and Maddox’s business sets up shifters who are looking for their mates. All these stories are quick reads, and can’t help but make you smile. This is HEA on steroids!
Paige Baxter is a ferret shifter, and a PR specialist who arrives at M&M in response to a job ad. Of course, Mari and Maddox’s rather “unusual” approach to marketing, and their requirement that employees actually sign-up for the services of the agency, send Paige over the edge. “They are a lawsuit waiting to happen!” Then Maddox comes in, starts flirting with Paige, and Bam, there is her ferret. You see, Paige has a little ‘issue’ with her ferret – and with a really nasty mom and sisters . . . Running out of the office, Paige runs full-out into a cougar shifter, and life gets even stranger, and a lot more fun.
Be prepared to laugh, because all the Quick and Furry are fun and this one is definitely on the ‘cute and cuddly’ side of things!
I received this book from the author in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. Thanks, Mina and Celia!